A recommendation to sell away all shares in search engine company Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL). This due to the unfair search engine relationship to searches outside interests of the United States. We have identified enormous financial losses, not least in the past year, because Google's search engines, for example, refer a web search on "SaleResorts.com" directly to a Booking.com company called "HotelsCombined" which is currently insanely overvalued, just by the reason that all other similar activities have been left outside the public room (internet) while pumping up the value of Booking.com and the "American interest". Not least, financial institutions and funds will suffer from major losses in the coming years, because the more fundamental analysis method for valuation of shares that will begin after this year end, and for sure, because of so immoral acts on an established technology exchange. We suspect that the entire US technology stock market can be programmed in the context of this fraud similar to which no legal institution even dares to investigate as a result of being oppressed by the US A. In a righteous society, this is an unacceptable abuse in substance, and it is a conscious strategy to favor the US economy in relation to the other nations. I find it extremely regrettable that such a great superpower like the United States itself can not take responsibility, but the problem is the greed that we have seen grow into that society for the past years, where the United States with President Trump is in the lead to initiate and work for these multinational companies listed in the United States NASDAQ can act against the economic interests of the rest of the world with restrictions as the ultimate weapon. If President Trump would not resign as president for his failure to acquire tax revenues to support his nation by means of doubtful, moral and completely denial of ethics, then I wonder where that state is heading. I do not think the NASDAQ index is so attractive after this, more in any case, for the better educate western world.

If this will also prove to be the power of the NASDAQ stock market, then I think the world and the world community take its responsibility and reestablish the righteous society that we build. There are many other nations around the world that have long been dealing with this problem that whatever the US authority is doing wrong, there are just the money that counts. Now it has become too bad for the United States to try to achieve a higher national status in the international community, and maintain their dubious credibility in the interests of other nations. Be carefull with your investments in the USA these days is what we strongly recommend all financial institutions in the international community.

Thank you!